Monday, December 18, 2006

Season's Greetings

I'm taking a break from Christmas baking, which I really love, to have a cup of tea and post our recent happenings. We had a quieter weekend than planned due to some bad weather. Two hockey games were canceled on Saturday, Adam's in Leader and Derek's in Biggar, so their mom got some work out of them instead.

Adam's Bantam teamed whipped Wilkie 9 -3 in Kerrobert last Thursday. It was great hockey, as Wilkie always comes looking for some action. They had a weak goalie that night, and ours played the best game I've ever seen him play, which would account for the score. Adam got a beauty goal and an assist.

Stephen's Bantam team won their game against Naicam on Friday night, but Stephen didn't have a great game. He was coming down with the flu, and had passed out at school and hit his head, so he wasn't feeling too peppy. We were trying out the new video camera, but didn't get too much footage of Stephen, as he was mostly sitting on the bench hanging his head!

Clem and I played for the Chamber of Commerce Christmas party on Saturday evening. It went well, and they asked us to bring some CD's to sell, so it was worth the trip in to town in a storm! I missed the Senior game, though, when Luseland beat home team Kerrobert. What a shame!

On Sunday we went to Rosetown with the Kindersley Bantams, where they got soundly spanked, 7 - 1. Stephen played a good game, but Rosetown was hungry, and they were all over Kindersley. It was disappointing for the team, as that is apparently quite the rivalry. Next time! Adam and Derek stayed in town for the day, mostly playing shinny at the rink. When we got to town, Adam was all by himself on the ice, and the rink was abandoned. He was perfecting his low shot. I guess we'll see at the next game!

Better go finish the baking (and wrapping and cleaning and decorating) before the big day arrives. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Two funerals and what seems like about 51 hockey games later, here we are again. It's been a mild weekend, and the sunrises have been beautiful, coming up over Clem's new (and mostly still full!) bins.

Stephen arrived home about 10 o'clock last night from Prince Albert, where his team won the "C" final. They have finally broken their losing streak, thank goodness. It sounds like he had a fun weekend, perhaps more fun that I will ever hear about!

Adam's team went short-handed to Battleford on Saturday, and had to settle for a 7 -5 loss. They were down to eight skaters at one point, so they gave it a good try.

Derek was in hockey heaven this weekend. They hosted a four-team tournament on Saturday, and swept it big time. The scores were embarrassing. Derek got an assist, I think. He tends to do a lot of dipsy-doodling around the ice, practicing his beloved crossovers and such, and sometimes gets behind the play! He has a ball, though. They had another game on Sunday, with another embarrassing score, and Derek played net. We weren't able to be there, but apparently he didn't see a lot of action, so entertained the crowd by skating around the net and swinging the stick in big circles until he got it stuck in the boards. He experienced some mild panic until he got it unstuck!

I spent most of the last week at the church for various practices, services, and funerals. I joked with the choir that we should just bring sleeping bags and camp out. Our local Carol Festival, held yesterday, was a success again. It really is a lovely afternoon of music. Then the Community Choir entertained at the Pioneer Haven Christmas party last night. Tonight is our Candlelight Christmas concert, with three choirs and some individuals performing separately and then together for the grande finale. Clem has been pitching in as sound man, and does a great job. He sang for one of the funerals, as well, and wowed them all again. He is booked in for more now, although I think people should be careful about what they wish for!

Marj continues to manage in her home. I found her cooking a pot of soup on Saturday, and Clem got to taste test it later. He said it was great!

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

PS: You "anonymous" people should leave a name on your comments!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beautiful Snow!

Snow is Great!

How can you possibly have more fun than this??

Sunday, December 03, 2006

December. Already. Somewhere I've lost a month or so. If any of you are coming here during the holidays, please don't inspect the cupboards or the corners!

Well, the hockey didn't go so well this weekend. Stephen's team lost to Warman 4 -1 on Friday night. The Warman team was hungry! Adam went to Lucky Lake to play the Outlook team and lost 3 - 1. I didn't go along because Derek was sick with the stomach flu that has been going through the school. He had a yucky day, and missed his game in town against Biggar. Kerrobert won, though, with some ridiculously high score. Derek didn't get to church this morning, either, but was miraculously better when we got home. My insides are a bit questionable today, as well, but I did manage to get to church to play the piano. I warned the choir just in case I had to do a dash to the washroom!

The weather is milder today, but a cold wind is causing some ground drifting and a windchill. It's nice to be home for the rest of the day. Maybe some Christmas preparation can take place!

Lisa called from Russia and left a message. It was good to hear her voice. I think she is still finding it a bit of a challenge, but I'm hoping that as she gets to know the people there she will find it more agreeable. I'm going to use Dad's handy-dandy calling plan and try to reach her today. Thanks, Dad!

Clem and I took Marj to her doctor's appointment on Friday. She is experiencing some edema again - nothing new for her - and it seems if she doesn't deal with it right away she ends up in the hospital. Her arm is still sore but is healing. She can use her right hand a bit now, which makes life easier for her. I think she was glad to get out of the house for a bit - it's been six weeks since she broke her arm, and has only been out a couple of times for tests at the hospital. She even took us for lunch after her appointment! Thanks, Marj! With this flu going through our house, we didn't go for our usual Sunday brunch at her place. She likes to see everyone at least once a week, although now Chris has been doing most of the cooking for us. So we'll miss the visit and the brunch, but Chris will appreciate the break.

Talk to you all later.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Back from the South this time

Stephen and I ventured to Swift Current for a tournament this past weekend. It was a shorter stay than anticipated, as Kindersley lost all three games, and therefore were not in the finals. Stephen played some fine hockey, checking guys left and right, and even got a goal - you won't notice it in the stats, though, since he tipped the puck into his own net! We got to come home on Saturday afternoon, but just caught the final buzzer of Adam's game in Kerrobert. Too much WalMart, I guess. It was nice to run into my cousin's son, Devin Heidt, whose son plays for the Saskatoon Frostbite (cool name!). Layken is a 2nd year Bantam, and an aggressive forward. A nice, polite young man, as well. I also chatted with some of the coaches for the Prince George team that was there, and this may surprise some of you, but they know the Schwab's. Small world.

Derek decided he wanted to be a goalie this weekend, and Clem says he did a fine job between the posts. His team beat Wilkie 12 - 2. I hope he got that goalie thing out of his system now, and gets back to his normal defense position!

Adam had a great weekend. His Bantam team beat Battleford 10 - 6, and Adam got two goals and an assist. In fact, his line got seven of the ten goals. He also spent a bit of time in the penalty box. He didn't do anything wrong; apparently the ref, Ian Fischer, was picking on him again! The Bantams traveled to Consort on Sunday for an exhibition game, but lost 7 -1. Adam got the only Kerrobert goal.

We got hit with our first real winter storm today. It started snowing late last night, and has continued pretty steadily all day, along with an east wind. It really looks like winter here now. (Maybe it will put me in the Christmas spirit...) It is -33 with the windchill, they say, although it didn't feel too bad this afternoon. It was quite festive singing Christmas carols at the Buena Vista this afternoon, watching the snow fall. The residents there really enjoy the music, and they almost all sing the Christmas songs, since they know the words.

Tonight is a rare night at home, but the rest of the week looks ordinarily busy. More driving coming up this weekend, as Adam goes to Lucky Lake to play the Outlook team (255 kms). Stephen and Derek have home games.

Stop by again for a visit!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Back from the East

East of here, that is.

Stephen and I left on the Klipper bus Saturday morning for snow-covered Humboldt. The Klippers played a great game, and beat the home team 10 - 4. My dad's cousin, Doug Veness, lives in Humboldt with his wife, Vera. They have been involved with the hockey scene there for years. They came to watch Stephen play, and then took me back to their place for a wonderful supper (homemade noodles - yum!) while Stephen ate with the team. Doug and I went joined the Bantam team at the arena for the Junior game - the Junior Klippers fell to the Humboldt Broncos - and then Stephen and I went back to Doug's for the night. Doug thinks Stephen has quite a bit of Schraefel in him. Doug's Dutli uncle used to carouse with Bud Schraefel at times, so he knows the family. We had a great visit with them, and the hospitality was second to none. Thanks, Doug and Vera! Doug was a groomsman at Mom and Dad's wedding, and he is also my sister's godfather. And now another connection - he hums all the time, just like Dad. It is obviously a Veness trait.

The bus left Sunday morning for Warman, where we had a 1:30 game. The competition proved to be a bit stronger, although maybe it was just that our kids didn't totally show up for the game! They did pull off a 4 -3 win, but it wasn't pretty. A successful four-point road trip, though. A cold north wind blew us home in time to join Clem, Adam, Derek, and Dylan for supper.

Stephen and I are off to Swift Current this weekend for a tournament. Mom and Dad are hoping to join us there for some hockey entertainment. Derek and Adam will be staying home with Clem, as both have games in town for Minor Hockey Day on Saturday. They had this weekend off, except for Derek's practice on Saturday, so they are impatiently waiting for the up-coming games.

Adam's Bantam team played a great game last Thursday against the league's #1 team, Unity. They held them to a 1 - 1 tie until the start of the third period, but had to take a 4 - 2 loss. It was good hockey, though. Adam assisted the first goal, and spent a bit of time in the penalty box. He is a bit of an aggressive player. Must be the Schraefel in him. I'll have to ask Doug.

Adam and Stephen got their report cards on Friday, and they've escaped the forty lashes promised for failure. A little less talking and a bit more studying should make for better results next term. Stephen won first place in the school's division three art competition for Remembrance Day. He sketched a portrait of Bud in his navy uniform, and another of an older Bud in his Legion uniform, and combined them with a quote from Bud's headstone. It is very touching, and quite imaginative. Stephen is surprising us with his artistic talents.

Our yard looks a bit like a skating rink these days. Most of the snow we had melted just enough to turn into ice when the temperature dropped again. Last Thursday we had a very strong wind. The boys had a hard time getting to the house when the bus dropped them off - the wind was blowing them across the icy yard! It is milder today, and Clem is bagging some wheat to ship off to Vancouver. They grow wheat grass and turn it into juice which they sell at little kiosks for an exorbitant price. What a world.

Thanks for dropping by our little corner!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flames Fans

Uncle Rob sent these pictures of the boys night out at the Saddledome watching the Capitals and the Flames complements of Nexen Inc. and the Kerrobert Novice Hockey team, allowing us to have a quiet evening out. Derek had a ball. Thanks Rob!
Derek 8

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hockey Happenings

What a weekend! Adam's team tied Kindersley at three goals a piece last night, in a well-played game. Lots of penalties as the team gets used to the new "rules emphasis" enforcement, which, in English, means don't impede the progress of the puck carrier with your stick, I think. Anyway, I thought they were serving pizza in the penalty box, because so many of our guys kept going in there. Adam was the first to put his feet up for two minutes - I was such a proud mom. Stephen got a call a couple of hours before the game to fill in for an injured linesman, so he was busy, too. Derek ran the music during the breaks in play. He did a fine job, until he got hungry for a hot dog just after the second period. The third period was much quieter.

Stephen's team managed to hold on to the lead for a 5-4 win against Battlefords today. Stephen played a fine game, showing his strength in front of the net. Some of the smaller Battlefords players were bouncing right off when they tried to check him. After the game, we all went to the Kindersley Inn where the parents watched the football game (we won't go into that) and the kids played on the waterslides and ate pizza. We left Stephen to catch a ride home with another Kerrobert player, and headed back to Aunt Linda's to meet the gang. Derek had stayed in Kerrobert to play shinny, and Adam refereed a game in town this afternoon, so they were already there. There was a great feast waiting for us, as usual. Aunt Lorraine must have had six kinds of cookies, all delicious. My cousin Allan and Lori were there with their brand new baby boy, Andrew. He is just adorable. As Grandma Schan would say, he's a really nice baby - he has a nice head. (You had to know her...) My cousin Carla was there from Hardisty with her three little ones, and all the locals were there, too. Bobbi sang her newly written song, which I think she is planning to record. It made us all cry, so it's a keeper.

Another family history tidbit, just for Carl. And because we just observed Remembrance Day. John McCrae, the author of the famous poem, In Flanders' Fields, was a 2nd cousin to my paternal great-grandmother, Grace Fisher Veness. Grace was born in Scotland, as were John McCrae's parents, although they came to Canada as children in the mid-1800's and settled near Guelph, Ontario. John McCrae was a surgeon in World War I, and died of pneumonia (I think!) in France during the war. Stephen did a presentation on this distant cousin for last year's Heritage Fair at the school. John McCrae's great-niece is Giells Turner, wife of former Prime Minister John Turner. My dad is not all that fond of that last bit of family lore!

And I'm off for my little holiday tomorrow, so check back later in the week in case there's news!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Russian Roots

My favorite sister, Lisa, has arrived in Russia to take up her new position as a teacher of English. She is currently in Moscow, which she described to our mom as "bleak". Sounds like home, today anyway! She will be teaching in a small town outside of Moscow, from what I understand. I am hoping she will be able to travel at some point to areas closer to the birthplace of our ancestors. They were Germans who immigrated to Russia in the late 1700's - early 1800's, but kept much of their ethnicity in their new homes in the Odessa region near the Black Sea. Perhaps Lisa will even meet some distant relatives, like we need more of those! Our paternal German ancestors were among the founders of a village called, very originally, Huck. What remains of it is now called Splawnucha (sp?). It is near the Volga river. Our maternal ancestors were in villages nearer Odessa, close to the Dniper river, I believe.

We have had warm but wet weather here. Clem was in Saskatoon for the SARM convention (I think I saw the back of his head on the news one night!), and they had freezing rain and snow. He holed up in a hotel for an extra night, but still had dangerous driving conditions on Thursday when he came home. The roads right around here weren't quite so bad, as we didn't have as much snow, but the dirt roads became quite icy as the snow we did have got packed down by the traffic and polished by the wind. Ah, the joys of Saskatchewan in the winter. Luckily, we have hockey to distract us! We watched the Kerrobert Pee Wee's do a job on the Elrose team yesterday, and stayed to see Eston show the Tigers how to play the game. I have way too much Luseland blood, I guess, because I still take pleasure in seeing the Tigers get beat! (Don't tell anyone I said that! The poor President of Kerrobert Minor Hockey may take even more flack.)

Adam's Bantam team is going to try to win their first game tonight when Kindersley comes to Kerrobert. Angus Phillips is heading up the coaching staff this year, so we expect no problems. Stephen's team is playing at home in Kindersley against the Battlefords AA Bantams tomorrow at noon. There is a parent get-together after the game, at which the parents can watch the football game (Go, Riders, Go) and the kids can swim in the hotel pool. We won't stay long, since our presence is also required at a family get-together at Aunt Linda's. Her son, Chris, is getting married next year, and his fiancee and her dad and step-mom are in town to meet the gang. I hope they're prepared - it can be somewhat intimidating, from what some of the Schan "wanna-be's" have told me. What with the "name that cousin" quiz at the end of the evening and all.

I am off to Saskatoon on Monday for a two-day retreat at Queen's House, so I will miss Derek's first home game Monday evening. I am confident that they will do well, though. I am a bit worried about Clem getting everyone to where they have to be from Monday until Wednesday, but I have made a calendar of events for him, so he'll likely manage his role as Mr. Mom.

Check back on Monday - I'll try to get you the results of our weekend games. You can also keep up with the Kerrobert teams at

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Update from the farm

We woke up Saturday to a layer of ice from an early morning rain, but luckily it only rained right at our place! Clem and Derek left at 7 a.m. for a Novice game in Macklin. Kerrobert was easily handling the home team, so the coaches decided to mix things up a bit. Ordinarily a stay-at-home defenseman, Derek "Big Bird" Schraefel got to play center, and turned out to be a goal-scorer. Four goals - two in one shift - and two assists. He was still vibing after the hour drive home!

Our two Bantams had the weekend off, except for Stephen's Sunday afternoon practice. I wasn't looking forward to sitting in Kindersley for two hours, but found to my delight that the football game was on TV in the arena lobby. I missed all but the end of the first half, watching the Kindersley/Unity Bantams play, but thoroughly enjoyed the second half. I thought of my Uncle Mark, and how he must have enjoyed that Rider win from the comfort of his Edmonton home. I also thought of my brothers, Mark and Jason, who were at the game. I've quit thinking about Jason since I learned this evening that he was cheering for Calgary. Some people just don't have any loyalty.

Speaking of which, I also enjoyed watching the Luseland Mallards defeat the Kerrobert Tigers in the SWHL league game in Kerrobert Friday night. Adam and Stephen talked me into taking them, and I'm glad I did. Luseland has some real talent again this year, and I got to catch up with some long-time friends I don't get to see often enough.

Clem leaves tomorrow for the SARM convention in Saskatoon, so I will be a single parent for a couple of days. It shouldn't be too hard - I'll just hang out at the rink, feed the kids rink burgers and wait for the practices to end!

Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Schraefel happenings

Another very busy weekend, which I suppose will be the norm for the winter!

Stephen played two home games. They lost the first (should have won!) and won the second, after a "pep" talk from the coach before the second period!!! Stephen got a goal from the point, but broke his favorite hockey stick during the game. Now he's using what would have been his mother's new winter coat!!!

Adam went to "Take Your Child to Work Day" with a friend of ours who owns a furniture/electronics retail store in Unity. It sounds like he had an eye-opening experience; maybe school isn't so bad after all. His Bantam team started practicing this week, and I think they will have a good year. Adam is getting to be a very good skater, and a strong right-winger.
Clem and I took Derek to Calgary on Monday so he could take Uncle Rob to the Flames vs. Washington game. I'm not sure which one of them had more fun, but they both enjoyed watching Ovechkin play. Anyone who can rock Phaneuf and Regier like that is to be admired. Rob and Amber (well, maybe just Rob) asked to have Derek for a sleepover, so Clem and I had a very enjoyable evening browsing a mall and sampling one of Calgary's finer dining establishments. We both returned home much more relaxed than when we left. The DVD player with headphones in the van might have had something to do with that, as well, as Derek hardly said two words all the way home. Probably a record for him.

Marj is recuperating in her own home from her broken arm, with some care from the family. Cathy stayed for a week to help, and now Chris is home from Mexico to check in and provide whatever Marj needs. The bone hasn't set straight, but Marj decided she won't be pitching any ball games anymore, so it probably doesn't matter!

My sister, Lisa, has left the country again, this time for a position in Russia as an English language instructor. She starts next week, in a community near Moscow. We follow her escapades via her blog ( You might enjoy doing so, as well. She is an excellent blogger.

Clem's new position as president of Kerrobert Minor Hockey is proving to be very challenging. Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the near future so we can just enjoy the boys' recreation of choice.

Until next time,

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Schraefel Farm

Stephen and Chandra got home late last night (2:30 AM) from a Northern road trip to Prince Albert and Shellbrook. They won one and tied one. Not a bad road swing. They are 2-1-0 so far.

Marj broke her arm yesterday, while her and Cathy were making supper for us. It was a really good supper though. She is home and seems to be alright, but I can't imagine it will make it very easy to get around.

Adam is pitching bales with a neighbor today as he did last weekend. Their football team lost in the playoffs so now they can concentrate on hockey. Derek started power skating which will run every day for 9 days and then they will start playing hockey. You will be able to follow the hockey at

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another week flies by

No pictures on this post - I haven't figured that one out yet! Clem is busy hauling 10 truckloads of lentils 25 miles to be cleaned, and hauling the screenings back again. What an ordeal! I guess it's going OK - we haven't really seen him for two days!

Adam and a friend are hauling bales for a neighbor today and tomorrow. That should knock some of the piss and vinegar out of him for a while. The Rebels won their football game in Wilkie last night, so he was pretty pleased (although he never saw the field). Wilkie has a strong team and it was a tight game, 40 - 38.

Stephen has a hockey game in Kindersley today against Rosetown. Apparently these teams are quite the rivals, so it should be a good one. We are on the schedule to work the penalty box, and I hope some nice dad takes pity on me and takes my turn. Stephen played two exhibition games in Saskatoon last weekend, and my dad and I went in to watch. It was pretty good hockey - some of those teams have been playing together for a while already. The Klippers tied one and lost one (badly), but all in all it was a good day.

Derek had a buddy out yesterday, and he stayed over. We could hear them talking at 4 a.m., and got up to find them on the computer! Mother was not impressed - they will be going outside to play today.

So that's about it. I don't do much except run after kids and sports teams, and cook the odd meal when I have time. I did finally get the windows cleaned, but now I can see all the outside work waiting for me. I'm sort of looking forward to the snow!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Rebels Football

Coach doesn't look pleased!

Rebels 06

Adam's haircut

Some more bad haircuts - Connor/Andrew

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Carl

Happy B'day little brother! Hope you have many more. Stay low!

You can log onto Carl's website at to see some of his (sometimes political) art.

Carl lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the past several years. Never a follower, he always found his own path. Carl was a magician, in that he had a disappearing act. One minute he was there and the next he was gone, with no trace. I remember when we both lived in Calgary and would end up at the same party, Carl would disappear in the wee hours only to find someone at work at 4 AM at a bakery somewhere. He would visit with and accept anyone, anywhere, anytime. He never cared about your background or current status he just wanted to visit. He liked the blues bar downtown Calgary on 9th (trying to remember the name) where he might end up dancing on the stage. Anyway, I better stop telling stories. Suffice it to say there are many, interesting stories. Have a good one!!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Alan, Chandra and Lisa entertain us at Betty's birthday bash!
Derek turns 8!

Adam (w/ broken nose), Alan & Ed

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yes, we're still here and It's still raining!

It is hard to focus on anything once harvest is done. Although there are many things to do, I don't seem to do any of them. Maybe when the rain stops.

We are following Stephen's attempt to make the Double A Bantam hockey team out of Kindersley. He has made the intitial round of cuts and there are about 3 kids left to cut so he is still waiting. He played his first game last night against Swift Current. They held their own sharing the lead back and forth until about the end of the second period when things kind of went to hell and they lost the game 11 -6. Stephen assisted on their second goal, but he got burned a few times as well. It is fast hockey and you aren't allowed any slip ups or it will cost you. They travel back to Swift Current on Sunday.

I am the new Minor Hockey president in Kerrobert which has already proven to be a busy job but I think I will enjoy it. Adam is still recovering from his concusion and still is not allowed to play football but is still travelling with the team. They are 2 wins and 1 loss so far.

Chandra has started teaching piano in town 2 days a week and catching up the farm books.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Raining!!

Woke up this morning to thunder, lightening and rain! What timing. Rain is predicted for the next 5 days. I have always loved the rain. Vancouver would be a good place for me. I think it stems back to when I was a kid, when it rained it meant we didn't have to go to school as you couldn't get down our road and on the farm the work was suspended when it rained. It also makes you appreciate the shelter.
If you look back on the posts of the last 3 harvests we have been lucky on each one narrowly escaping the big one each time. It is still early and I'm sure we will have more nice weather but 95% of the Sask harvest is in the bin.

The news of tragedy in Montreal this morning reminds me of how volatile life can be and that we must count our blessings every day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finished Harvest 06

We finished at 4PM Tue, Sept 12. Rain is predicted starting tonight for 5 days. We have shipped many B train trucks to make room for this years harvest. Peas yielded 30 bushels per acre, Lentils 15, Wheat 25, Barley 45, Flax 10, Oats 35. All in all they were average yields. Quality is all in the top grades and should move well.
Thanks to Adam and Stephen combine operators, Doug McNicol, swather, combines, trucks, tractors. Derek, Joeboy. Lyle and Carol for all their help. Ritz for helping truck and especially Chandra for keeping everyone fed and happy. It was a successful and safe harvest. Yeehaw!

One day before the Rain

80 acres and one day left. They are calling for rain to begin overnight and to go until after the weekend. We had a great day yesterday. Adam is getting back in the saddle and they pounded off 160 acres yesterday. We can use a rain as things are very dry.

The Schraefel Farm

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stephen banged off the 100

With Adam down for the count, Stephen was grinding alone in the ol' Massey 750. We started this morning after church and he never missed a beat. He 's well over half done the 160 acre field. Derek helped all day moving trucks and he found that he can get an FM station out here and is he pumped! It fades in and out so he has to move around to tune it in. Hope to have both boys back tommorrow. Calling for showers on thursday. Maybe snow in Calgary. Yikes!

Closing in!

320 acres left to go!! The weather is holding and everyything looks good. I lost some operators yesterday. One had the flu and one had a broken nose and black eyes. Adam lost his first football game but he didn't see any action. Most of the rookies get to watch from the bench. Stephen is going to the double A camp next weekend in Kindersley.

I was thinking of running as a liberal delegate in our riding so I could get to the leadership convention in Montreal. There are so few members in this riding, my chances of going are very good. I used to spend a lot of time there but haven't been there for quite a while. It is a great place, a very friendly place. I could visit some old friends I haven't seen in over 10 years. Just a thought at this point as there are so many obligations here right now, but it's fun to dream.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chandra' Garden

Before I forget, I wanted to show a picture of Chandra's garden. I had tried to put it on our site earlier but gave up. Anyway, here it is in the early stages. It is by far our best crop and most important crop. It is 100% organic and we have been enjoying the fruits of her labour for over a month. She works in it every day, usually in the morning when it is cool. She has been picking, watering, weeding, freezing, canning and feeding us, non grateful boys and I feel great. When you see the work that goes into the veggies we eat, you realize we have extremely cheap food available to us in Canada. Thanks for all your hard work, Chandra!


I heard a phrase once "farming causes cities" and can see now what it means; without industial agriculture we would have to feed ourselves this way and it would be a full time job to provide food for our family for a year. When I see the effort involved it amazes me that our society, especially Canada, doesn't value this service like it does the energy industry. I think, like a lot of other areas, we have our values screwed up. Oh well, as long as the US and the EU continue to subsidize and support it's food producers which keeps world food prices low, Canadian consumers and Governments will benefit greatly from it.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Harvest Progress 2006

We are closing in on finishing the barley at around 45 bu/ac but we are now out of room to continue. Hopefully we will get some trucks today to haul some away.

Adam is swathing oats (160 ac) and we will start combining flax (240 ac) as soon as we have space and then we are done and hockey can start. Last year Adam was going from the combine to the rink. This (early harvest) has been a blessing and a very relaxed harvest. +32C yesterday.

Adam is playing football and will have his first game on Friday. They have been practicing for a week and he is all bruised up and limping so I guess he is trying. Good luck!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some August Pictures

We went to beautiful Outlook, SK on August 12 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Chandra's aunt and uncle, Shirley and Tony Kubashek. Pictured, l to r, are Ginny and Pierre Parent, Shirley and Tony, and Betty and Alan Huck. Shirley, Ginny, and Alan are siblings, with Alan being the youngest, as he frequently likes to point out.

These are Chandra's siblings and cousins and their kids! Two of the cousins couldn't be there, but the rest had a blast! Some hadn't seen each other for 17 years.

August 15 - Derek turns 8!
We had a family celebration with yummy vegetables from the garden and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

A storm narrowly misses us, hail wiped out a lot of crop just to the south!

Check out the Schraefel Farm website at

Check out Derek's blog at

See if this is easier!

I will try to update the farm happenings this way instead of on our home page, so there will be one more click to get here.

Straight combining barley is the most fun! Adam is on the lead machine and Stephen is close behind. Derek drives us around to move machines and trucks around. Thanks guys, you're doing great!