Sunday, June 16, 2013

My dad

My dad gave us a scare the other day.  His heart apparently decided that beating at a normal, regular rate was just not cool, and adopted a rather fast and syncopated rhythm. Turns out that's not very good for you.  After a few days of good care and doctoring in the Lethbridge Hospital, he is back home, but taking it easy.  It could be that he was just jealous after all the attention Mom received for Mother's Day and was taking it up a notch, but I can't confirm that.  We are just so very glad that he is feeling better and still with us!

It did get me in a reflective mood, though, and prompted me to dig out some old photos.  This may be the first one of me with my daddy, many, many moons ago, back in that much-too-short period when I was the center of their lives. 

 My dad's dad lived with us then, too.  He was such a wonderful, kind person, and even though he's been gone for 42 years, I still really miss him.   I think, though, that I can see what kind of grandpa he would have been by watching my dad with our boys and my sibling's children.  Shoot, that just makes me miss him more!!

 Here's a scene that has not been uncommon in our family over the years.  My dad played and sang to us, Clem played and sang to our boys, and now I watch my brother playing and singing to his boys. 

  I really miss seeing, and hearing, this!  I guess I may be somewhat biased, but I do have a bit of experience and expertise on the subject, and I believe my dad had one of the best singing voices I ever heard.  (His timing, however, is another story!)  Others thought that, too, and he was forever pestered to sing for whatever occasion - or non-occasion - as the case may be.  He entertained a lot of people over the years, and it was a sad day when he wasn't able to sing for us anymore. I think that's why I so much love this picture that was taken by my sister a few years ago.

 This isn't the best picture of Dad, but it is the most natural, and iconic, I think.  One of his more common poses.

 Dad is a super Grandpa.  He loves spending time with his grandkids, and they love him, too.  Derek has always been his grandpa's boy.  Last summer, when he was considering playing AA hockey, he made up his mind after an hour-long phone conversation with Dad.  I wasn't allowed to even listen in.  And now our little perogie adores his "papa", and even sings songs about him!  I love this three-generation shot.  

Ah, here's another favourite shot - my dad bringing me wine.  Doesn't get much better than that!!

I've learned so much from my dad.  His lessons were mostly by example, not a lot of preaching.  He was pretty busy when we were young - you know, making money so we could eat and have clothes, that kind of thing - but he always had time for an after-supper wrestling match on the living room floor.  He taught me how to ride a bike.  He taught me to love thunder storms.  He taught me that you have to swear when you're chasing cows. He taught me that doing your own income tax isn't that hard.  He taught me that it doesn't matter what others think of you, ("Who are 'they', anyway?"), and that it's OK to do things for yourself sometimes.  He taught me to make decisions with my head, not my heart, and that those decisions don't have to be written in stone.  He taught me to add in my head sometimes, so that I won't come to rely on a calculator to think for me.  And he taught me that he loves me, and his whole family, and that it can be true without being spoken.

Love ya, too, Dad.  Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hangin' with the boys

Not my boys.  Cute little precious bundles of joy boys.  They belong to my brother and his wife, and the latter invited me in to the city for the afternoon to accompany them to the annual Children's Festival.  This was the last day of a four day event held on the shores of the beautiful Saskatchewan River in downtown Saskatoon, with the stunning Bessborough Hotel as a backdrop.  It was a gorgeous day - not too hot, with a bit of a breeze (she said with her tongue in her cheek - come on, this is Saskatchewan!), but it is quite sheltered on the riverside.

Anyway, I got up a little earlier than usual and headed out for a nice morning drive.  (Props to the highways department for fixing some of those huge craters in good ole highway 51 - hardly spilled any coffee!)  The perogie started talking as soon as he saw me, and never really stopped.  (He reminds me a lot of another little boy I once knew.)  And, he says "auntie" really well, which melts my heart. Once Sammy was up and ready, we took off for the festival.

Rogie absolutely loves music, and was enthralled with the author/entertainer who told stories and sang songs for us. 

After the show they buckled up in this snazzy double seater and we went for a little walk through the park.

 There were various play centers set up for the kids, who were having a ball.  The perogie found this tent, and spent quite a little while going in and out, and playing peekaboo -  such fun!  Who needs expensive battery-operated toys??  I was not allowed in, though.

 He also enjoyed some time in the sandbox.  I must say he was not always this careful with that shovel!!

And happy Sam took it all in stride, smiling all the while!  Next year he'll be running around with the rest of them!

One of the best parts of the day was listening to the boys chat and make each other giggle in the back.  

I love being an aunt, and I am so lucky to get to spend time with these little darlings and their mom! 

Thanks for checking in!