Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's new?

Seeding is progressing.  We (meaning Clem and Adam) are half done.  All the legumes - peas and lentils - are in, and they are trying to get going with the barley and wheat.  As you may already know, it's been a tad damp.  If you didn't know, here's a visual.

 Adam has been here for over a week.  He and Clem are tag-teaming.  Clem gets up early and goes out for the day.  Adam starts a little later and works into the wee hours of the morning.  Seems to be working!
Derek does the gopher jobs and picks rocks.  Not as much fun, I hear, but shit flows downhill, so to speak!

Derek did have some fun.  He was lucky enough to get some tickets to a couple of the Memorial Cup games in Saskatoon.  I took him and a buddy in one night to meet Rob and the perogie for a game.  Also got to visit the Heidts at the game.  Fun times!   The perogie was pretty darned excited to see the hockey players and the goooalies, in particular.  A nice young fellow found a puck and gave it to him, too, which doubled his excitement!

Derek hides his excitement a little better.  (But he did have fun!)  He also got to go in a couple of days later with some friends for another game. 

I was stupid lucky enough to participate in the town-wide garage sale.  Our local junior team used it as a fundraiser.  We had lots of lookers, and quite a few things sold. But I will state for the record that nobody is ever going to get rich by having garage sales.  I did, however, get to spend the day outside and visit with lots of people!  Plus, Clem took pity on me and we went out for supper after church. 

I'm sure there is more news, but I'm also sure that I need to get outside and make a little more progress on the yard work.  We are trying to learn to love the colour yellow (you have no idea how many dandelions we have in the yard!), but I also need to get the garden in.  I am attempting to downsize a bit this year.  Hopefully I can stick to my guns! 

Thanks for stopping by!

The end of an era

Last weekend many of my dad's relatives gathered to bury the ashes of his uncle and aunt.  Ed and Mary were the last survivors of their generation, and their deaths have prompted much introspection.  I think it affected other family members as well, judging by some of the comments and topics discussed.  My brother is the only Huck descendant still living in the area settled by our great-grandfather.  Amazing, with so many male offspring!  But mostly it was just heart-warming to see and be with everyone again.  Many of dad's cousins were there, and some of their children, as well.  I was particularly pleased to see three second cousins with whom my brother and I used to spend a LOT of time.  And again, I was amazed at how easy it was to pick up where we left off.  Those family ties are very strong.  The five of us made sure to have a picture taken, and it was NOT in a bathtub as were some previous ones!

Loren, the baby of the family, did a great job conducting the burial service.  It must have been very difficult for him.  

The granddaughters each laid a rose in the grave.

 The grandsons who were present sprinkled soil in the grave.


My dad and my brother looked very much alike to me that day.  They also apparently don't like me taking their picture. 

 My dad and his sister.  This may be my favourite photo of the day. 

Some of went on a little tour to visit other family graves.  This one is my dad's grandparents, the ones who came from Russia to Saskatchewan. 

Then it was visiting time at the Pioneers' Club.  The best part of the day!  This photo shows two of dad's cousins, Oliver (with his wife Sharon) and Roy, who we don't get to see often enough!!

I love this photo of Roy catching up with a childhood friend, Valerie Onerheim Finley.  She is one of my very dear friends, as well, and my elementary music teacher!

 Here are Roy and his sister, Darleane.  Love them both to pieces.

The "Huck boys" provided a few musical selections, and were joined by Jerry's daughter, Kathy (of bathtub fame!!)   She looked and sounded very much like her mother here, and I shed a few tears.

Romber brought their precious little guys out for a visit, too.  Sammy was happy, as usual, but the perogie was not having a great afternoon, not as usual!

Curiously, many of the pictures I took of Aunt Ginny seem to have a wine glass in them.  I think she would blame the Saskatchewan highways.   Yes.  Right.  Because she never drinks wine at home!!

 The perogie sure likes hanging out with Uncle!

So even though a few tears were shed, it was a wonderful weekend full of stories and laughter and hugs and re-connecting.  Methinks another reunion is in order.  After all, the last one was nearly 25 years ago!

Mother's Day with my mom.

That doesn't happen too often.  We are usually smack dab in the busyness of seeding, and Mother's Day is normally mostly a non-day here.  I decided to switch it up a bit this year when a friend, who was planning to visit her mom in Medicine Hat, asked if I wanted to tag along and go see my mom.  What a grand idea!  Clem was very accommodating as usual, saying "Of course! It's Mother's Day and you should be with your mom!"  (Isn't he great?)  So off we went.  I dropped Debby at her mom's and continued on to see mine.  It was such relaxing weekend, as we had no set schedule, with nothing to attend and nowhere to be.  We had coffee on the patio in the morning and wine on the patio in the evening, and toodled around a bit in between.  Oh, and hockey games to watch every evening! Not sure why I don't do that more often!!

Jason and Terri drove down with their two cuties, too.  What fun!  We even had time for a few photo shots.   Here's ma with (I'm certain) her two favourite children.

  And blowing raspberries with "Cousin Eddie".

He is one of the cutest nephews I know!!

And he likes his food.  A lot.  A true Huck.

As I said, Mother's Day has never been that big of a deal around here, but I did get a text from all three boys.  Derek's was to ask when I was going to be home - likely because he needed to know how long he had to do the chores I had assigned before I left three days earlier.  But hey, he remembered me!  Stephen's text said he left me a car.  Which is a pretty incredible gift, until you know that he needed us to take it in for a bit of work while he was at work.  I did manage to put a few miles on it, though.   Ssshhh.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Love you!