Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Schraefel Farm

Stephen and Chandra got home late last night (2:30 AM) from a Northern road trip to Prince Albert and Shellbrook. They won one and tied one. Not a bad road swing. They are 2-1-0 so far.

Marj broke her arm yesterday, while her and Cathy were making supper for us. It was a really good supper though. She is home and seems to be alright, but I can't imagine it will make it very easy to get around.

Adam is pitching bales with a neighbor today as he did last weekend. Their football team lost in the playoffs so now they can concentrate on hockey. Derek started power skating which will run every day for 9 days and then they will start playing hockey. You will be able to follow the hockey at

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another week flies by

No pictures on this post - I haven't figured that one out yet! Clem is busy hauling 10 truckloads of lentils 25 miles to be cleaned, and hauling the screenings back again. What an ordeal! I guess it's going OK - we haven't really seen him for two days!

Adam and a friend are hauling bales for a neighbor today and tomorrow. That should knock some of the piss and vinegar out of him for a while. The Rebels won their football game in Wilkie last night, so he was pretty pleased (although he never saw the field). Wilkie has a strong team and it was a tight game, 40 - 38.

Stephen has a hockey game in Kindersley today against Rosetown. Apparently these teams are quite the rivals, so it should be a good one. We are on the schedule to work the penalty box, and I hope some nice dad takes pity on me and takes my turn. Stephen played two exhibition games in Saskatoon last weekend, and my dad and I went in to watch. It was pretty good hockey - some of those teams have been playing together for a while already. The Klippers tied one and lost one (badly), but all in all it was a good day.

Derek had a buddy out yesterday, and he stayed over. We could hear them talking at 4 a.m., and got up to find them on the computer! Mother was not impressed - they will be going outside to play today.

So that's about it. I don't do much except run after kids and sports teams, and cook the odd meal when I have time. I did finally get the windows cleaned, but now I can see all the outside work waiting for me. I'm sort of looking forward to the snow!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Rebels Football

Coach doesn't look pleased!

Rebels 06

Adam's haircut

Some more bad haircuts - Connor/Andrew

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Carl

Happy B'day little brother! Hope you have many more. Stay low!

You can log onto Carl's website at to see some of his (sometimes political) art.

Carl lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the past several years. Never a follower, he always found his own path. Carl was a magician, in that he had a disappearing act. One minute he was there and the next he was gone, with no trace. I remember when we both lived in Calgary and would end up at the same party, Carl would disappear in the wee hours only to find someone at work at 4 AM at a bakery somewhere. He would visit with and accept anyone, anywhere, anytime. He never cared about your background or current status he just wanted to visit. He liked the blues bar downtown Calgary on 9th (trying to remember the name) where he might end up dancing on the stage. Anyway, I better stop telling stories. Suffice it to say there are many, interesting stories. Have a good one!!