Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm feeling a little 'unanchored' these days.  Fall has always been my favourite season (although I have been known to waffle a bit with spring), but this year I am resenting it for some reason.  Maybe I am resisting change in all forms, or perhaps the idea of fall is just hitting too close to home in the age department.  Whatever.  But I started taking early morning walks with a friend again, and I'm coming around to the beauty of the season.  So I got my camera out - and realized I've been missing being behind the lens.  Here is a bit of what I've seen from there!

 I love the skies!

Finally took some time to get some shots of this old bin that has been calling me for a while now!

And here are some photos from Derek's football, which, as you can tell by the smile on his face, he loves!!!

He's a little bigger than the rest!

Best buds.

 When I went to download the pictures from the camera, I found that Derek had been using it, and captured some great shots!!

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Anniversary day

Twenty-two years ago, I married my best friend.  It was a gorgeous fall day - unlike today - and we were surrounded by friends and family.  Literally.  Do you have any idea how big my family is?  When we watch the video of the wedding, it always appears as though the church is leaning to one side - the bride's side!  Luckily, many friends came from Calgary and other parts to even things out.  I recall suggesting we just put a general invite in the local paper, as it would have saved a lot of time and postage!!   But seriously, it was incredible to have all those people come to help us celebrate.  And we did celebrate.  The evening was full of humour and song, and my mom always says it was one of the nicest weddings she had ever attended.

And speaking of my mom, it's her birthday today, and it's a big one.  Let's just say she's eyeing up a spot at the public trough.  Two of my brothers are enroute to help her celebrate the big day, although it is my belief they are just going for the turkey supper.

It was Clem's birthday yesterday.  When we were picking a wedding date, I thought having his birthday the day before our anniversary would help him to remember.  I was wrong.   But that's OK.  He's perfect in (almost) every other way.  I really lucked out.  I couldn't have found a kinder, more thoughtful and loving life partner.   I often hear women complaining about their husbands, and I am always so grateful that I really don't have anything to complain about!

Adam is getting his license back!  Originally they said he would have to wait another six months and take more counselling, but he went through an appeal process and prevailed!  Apparently the system is somewhat skewed against teen drivers,  but the lady he worked with found him very honest and sincere, and went to bat for him.  She rocks!  He is now working at a local oilfield service business which pays quite well while he decides what he really wants to do with his life.   It is so good to see him smiling and laughing again!

Stephen is on his second shift up north.  He seems to like the job, and is catching on to how things work.   He and his room-mate were busy setting up house while he was home, and I giggled to myself as I watched yet another of my sons discover the high cost of living on one's own!  Stephen is playing with the local junior hockey team when he is home.  Two of the other players are billeting here.  They are from Kelowna, and we are kept amused (?) as the all-knowing teen-age city slickers learn about farm life and small-town Saskatchewan.

Derek enjoys having other kids around, although the feeling may not always be mutual.   He is back in the thick of things with school, football, and hockey.  He is also looking for ways to make money, so if you need a big strong boy with the gift of the gab for any small job, he's your man!

I went looking for a picture from our wedding to put on here, but I'm too old and tired to dig through the boxes piled up in the still-to-be-refinished basement.   So here's a more recent one.  Just think younger and thinner.  And I was wearing white.

Thanks for stopping by, and we wish you many Thanksgiving blessings!