Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shades for sale, or, pride goeth before a fall

Clem said I was bragging too much about the boys.  I told him to never mind, that someone should blow their horns, and who better than mom?  Turns out he may have had a point.  The SHA zone rosters came out yesterday, and guess who's name was missing?  That's right.  No Stephen.  After a call to the coach, it turns out "they" made a "mistake", (what? a hockey player who can't read? imagine!) and he is NOT on the team.  I was pretty shook up, and nervous about telling Stephen, but when I did, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "oh, well".  Guess I should take a lesson.

Other than that, things are moving along quite smoothly.  Adam has been promoted to lead singer in the band and they've found another drummer.  They are still having a ball playing music.  Derek's team is on their way to the league finals after beating Wilkie in the semi-finals.  Only two games to go and they are done.  A little time away from the rink should lower the ol' blood pressure!   But consider yourself warned - the blog may get even more boring.  Read at your own risk.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

We are all going to need shades for this bright future!

Well, he did it.  Stephen made the Bantam Zone 7 team!  He attended the weekend tryout in Eston, and must have impressed someone.  His ex-coach was one of the evaluators, and he either didn't carry much weight with the coach or he was generous and gave Stephen a good evaluation.  Whatever happened, Stephen got the magic phone call about 10:00 last night.  We are so happy for him and proud of him.  The team will have a one-day practice (four hours on the ice) in three weeks, and then they head to the tournament in Regina March 14 -16.  There the eight Saskatchewan zone teams will play off.  Apparently there are scouts all over the place at that tournament.  40 players are chosen to participate in a summer camp with last year's 40 picks.  
The following year, at the camp with next year's Bantam zone picks, a team will be picked to play in either a Under 17 tournament or the Canada games.  He'll have to "keep his stick on the ice" as they say.  (Or keep two hands on his stick, as his mother says.)

Stephen has also been invited to try out for the Battlefords AAA midget team.  That tryout is at the beginning of April, so it will be a while until we are done with hockey.

Clem took Adam to Medicine Hat on Friday for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Apparently he has injured ligaments in his knee, and will require two months of exercises and no
hockey or other sports.  If it is not better after that, they will look at it again.  Luckily he has his music to fall back on!  The reviews of the band's debut have all been super.  They practiced again last night, apparently with a new, better drummer, and decided 
that Adam should concentrate on the vocals.  That boy is going to have girls hanging all over him!

Derek seems to be back to normal.  He didn't play in the Dodsland tournament on the weekend, but went to practice tonight and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects.   I also lost a bet with him that he couldn't not talk all the way into town.  I'll gladly cough up that five bucks!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

A star is born

Last night I attended the debut performance of the hot new band "Borderline".  (Or, as some might put it, I got sucked into chaperoning the teen dance where Adam's band had their first gig.  But that would be cynical.)  The dance, first scheduled for last Friday, was postponed due to a storm and the illness of a couple band members (Adam in particular).  So they went with a Valentine's Day dance, and the results were great.  The boys started out a little shaky - they hadn't all practiced together since the middle of last week when Adam got sick - but they came together pretty good.  Adam is the main drummer, and they have been sharing the vocals.  But Adam wowed everyone, especially his proud mom, with a couple of great songs.  That boy has his dad's voice!  I was blown away.  I knew he could sing, but  not like that.  It got better as he got more comfortable with his friends showing their appreciation.  In the end he was hamming it up good.  It took a while for the boys to come down from the performance high - they had a lot of fun.  I think they are booked for an elementary dance in town next month, and then who knows?
They've even written a couple of songs.

Stephen has been fighting off the cold/flu bug that has invaded our home.  Cold FX, echinacea
(bet you didn't know I could spell that!), zinc lozenges, oranges - you name it, he's doing it.  He has Bantam zone tryouts this weekend, and he's hungry to make the team.  He's a pretty determined kid, so he probably will!

Derek is still trying to recover from the asthma attack, and had a rough go his first time back at hockey practice last night.  Clem said he was gasping and moaning and laying on the ice - he's a bit of a drama "king", in case you didn't know - until the coach told him to get up and get going, as there was no way he was giving him mouth-to-mouth.  He managed to finish the practice, but doesn't want to go to the Dodsland tournament tomorrow because he won't be able to skate hard.  Doesn't break my heart.

Speaking of hearts, my husband actually remembered Valentine's Day this year.  He took the van in to Saskatoon for repairs, and then got storm-stayed in North Battleford where he had a
meeting.  I guess he had lots of time in stores, where it would have been hard to miss the gazillion signs with hearts on them.  Somewhat unfortunately for me, the stores he frequents don't really cater to what women would consider a romantic notion of the holiday.  And so I received a heart-shaped container of Ferraro Rocher chocolates (yum!) and a Tobi clothes steamer (a Canadian Tire special - you've seen the infomercials).  However, it really is the thought that counts, and I do appreciate him thinking of me (and the chocolate, love the chocolate).

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back to normal (or as close as it gets, anyway)

Things are settling down somewhat since the last post.  Stephen still seems OK with his decision to quit his team.   He's taken a bit of flack over it, but nothing that he can't handle.  He has even expressed an interest in music, now that he has some spare time.  He spirited Clem's guitar up to his bedroom the other night and worked on a few chords.  Clem thinks he has a nice touch.  

Adam and Derek have been home sick for the past two days.  They are both suffering from colds, although with differing symptoms.  Adam seems to have a flu of some sort - achy, coughing, headache, fever, just generally feeling rotten.  His timing isn't too great, because his band's debut is tomorrow night.  We watched them rehearse the other day, and they sound pretty good.  Loud, but good.  Adam did some singing, and seems to take after his dad!  We are chaperoning the dance, along with some other parents.  Adam doesn't seem too keen on that, but he will survive that embarassment, I'm sure.  Wait till he sees his mom dancing!!

We spent a couple of hours last night at the hospital with Derek.  His bad cold and cough has triggered his asthma again, and he needed the nebulizer.  He recovers amazingly fast after receiving the Ventolin, and was back to his old talking self in no time at all.  Apparently he
has quite a reputation at our hospital.  The nurse (who used to ride the same school bus as I did, way back in the day) asked if he was the same kid who got his finger stuck in a wet-wipe dispenser (yes) and the same one with the warts on his nose (yes).  Those nurses have way too many coffee breaks.  Anyway, he's still coughing today, but hopefully he's on the mend.  

Clem has ventured outside since the break in the cold weather, and has started cleaning some grain.  I guess his farmer's holiday is coming to an end.  And then there's me, just waiting for a mother's holiday to start...

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