Friday, May 27, 2011

Common sense is not that common!

We woke at 6 am to the ringing of the phone.  First off, I want to say that no one should ever phone the parents of teen-aged children at that hour.  Actually, any time from 1 am to 6 am.  It's just too hard on the heart, and the head, as you quickly do a roll call in your sleep-addled mind, trying to account for each darling child.  Anyway, it had nothing to do with any of the kids.  It was Statistics Canada - AGAIN!  They have been hounding poor Clem, "the person responsible for making the farming decisions", for weeks.  At least, I'm pretty sure it was their 1-800 numbers we tried to ignore.  When we did answer, they would ask for a convenient time to talk to "uh..Clement..uh..Skrafell...uh..mumble,mumble".  Ha!  He's seeding.  He doesn't even know when he'll be in the house, let alone the rest of us.  Why do these government people insist on bothering farmers at seeding and harvest?  Don't they get it?  I'm sure one or two farmers may have, possibly, politely, mentioned something to them about the inconvenience of calling at those times of year.  And why can't they call a cell phone?  That's why I leave his cell number on the voicemail message.  Sheesh. 

And while I'm on this rant, why do farmers have to complete, in addition to the regular census, a sixteen-page census form, including income and expenses (which, by the way, we have already given to the Canadian Revenue Agency and AgriStability and AgriInvest), again at one of the busiest times of year?   Anyone else have to give Statistics Canada their financial information?  Anyone?  Buehler?

There.  That feels better.  Now I'm going to go make more coffee, because Clem took it all in his go cup this morning.  Say, that may account for my "good"  mood today!

Thanks for checking in!  Twice in one week - wow!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Wind is Howling

When I first decided this morning that I should do another post, I was going to name it "Spring is Springing", since the crabapple tree is just busting open with blossoms and everything is turning green (or yellow, here where we don't spray for dandelions!), and my deck is loaded with bedding plants waiting to be planted.  However, now the land has started to blow, and it doesn't feel so "springish"!

The guys are close to being done seeding.  They should finish the wheat up today or tomorrow, and then just the flax is left to do.  It sure has been nice to have both Adam and Stephen around, although Stephen was rather pre-occupied with the Toronto exchange for a week.  We loved having Edward stay with us, and he seemed to enjoy his stay, as well.  Those city kids got a good dose of country living - a bonfire, cattle branding, zip-lining, and a tour of a Hutterite colony.  Clem gave Edward a short lesson on grain farming, as well, complete with a ride in the tractor pulling an air seeder.   I'm thinking Edward's favorite part, though, was the ride in Stephen's Caddy!

All the Toronto kids loved the horses and the wagon ride when they first arrived in town!

We had a BBQ in the park for them, and the Mayor spoke and gave out Kerrobert and Saskatchewan pins.

While looking for these pictures, I realized that I hadn't shared the photos from sweet baby Rogan's baby shower!  I was remiss!   Here you go!

The happy couple - Rob with his plate!

Auntie Terri holding the newest addition.

Uncle Jason - not sure we should let him hold babies, though!

Even Copper got a turn!

After the exchange bonfire at our place, Derek decided he should have his friends out.  So we did.  What a crew!

And that's about it!  I had the doctor freeze some plantar's warts off my feet, so I am hobbling around these days.  But I'm chomping at the bit to get outside and dig in the dirt.  The garden is almost all in, and we've put in an order for rain as soon as the seeding is done.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Throw away the pens!

Note to self:  do NOT use ink on the calendar - it is PENCIL only!   I would note the family on that, too, but no one else ever writes anything on the calendar.  I am the Keeper of the Schedule, and I have created a group of humans who struggle to know where they should be at any given time of the day or week.  (Of course, they also struggle to locate the ketchup in the fridge, so perhaps I am assuming too much responsibility in this.) It is a heavy burden, but since it is self-imposed, I try to bear it with dignity.  Ya.  Right. 

Anyway, the long and short of it is that things can and do change around here in the blink of an eye.  Stephen and I made a nervous trip to K-town yesterday for his surgery.  After a longish wait, the surgeon came to speak with us.  He said that the hernia isn't too bad, and that, in his opinion, Stephen should go to Australia and have fun, and get the hernia fixed when he gets back.  OK then.  After a quick lunch (my boy hadn't had anything to eat or drink since midnight, a first in his life, I believe) and a whirlwind shopping spree (groceries, people, groceries.  Oh, and tractor engine oil - can't forget that!), we resumed our usual programming.  For the time being.   The Toronto students participating in the exchange program arrive on Friday.  That schedule has changed about three times since yesterday afternoon, so again, no pens.  Hopefully they will still be coming out here Saturday night for a bonfire (and to eat the copious amounts of marshmallows I purchased yesterday).  I also hope I manage to get the muffins and potato salad I pledged to make to the correct locations on the correct days at the correct times.   Those chicken scratchings in pencil can be hard to read sometimes!

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

I've just had the best Mother's Day yet.  I think I may say that every year, but whatever.  I am not showered with gifts, or flowers, or cards, and sometimes they even forget what day it is.  But I know that deep down those strong, tall, silent-type boys really do like me and appreciate what I do.  They just have a little trouble communicating it, that's all.  And if I have learned anything after 21 years in a house full of testosterone, it's that guys don't talk about their feelings.  After that truth knocks you upside the head, it's more than satisfying to receive the odd hug or back-handed compliment. 

Yesterday, Derek had me watch a tear-jerker youtube video (on his new phone, don't you know) of people's opinions on what life would be like without mothers (although that premise is obviously flawed).  About halfway through, he asked, "When Mother's Day, anyway?"  I told him.  "Crap", he said, "I was just going to give you a hug. That sort of blows my plans for Mother's Day."   Life with boys!

After that touching moment, Clem and I left for the big city to take advantage of the Riverdance tickets with which we were gifted.  Wow.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had always thought that I would like to go, but the urge had never been strong enough to make me actually, like, buy tickets.  But it was incredible - the music, the lights, the dancing, everything.  I highly recommend it.  Clem even gave them a couple of his loud 'hockey game' whistles - high praise, though not entirely appreciated by the people in front of us, I'm sure.  There were what appeared to be many farmers (you know, hat hair and the start of the farmer tan) in the crowd, appeasing their wives for Mother's Day.  Too cute. 

Afterwards, when it appeared that the gridlock in the parking lot was going to last for quite a while, we walked over to a very nice little restaurant for a late, and scrumptious, supper.  Then these two old fogeys managed to stay awake for the drive home.  Well, the not-so-smooth condition of the highway helped again, as well.

Today, after a nice phone visit with the greatest mother in the world (that's mine, in case you're wondering),  I was treated to a lovely supper at The Grill, the newest restaurant in town, run by the lovely Lori.  The meal was fantastic, and the service impeccable.  But what made it so great was sitting around with my guys, talking and laughing.  A lot of laughing.  Those boys have incredible senses of humor.  They seldom fail to make me laugh, and that fact has saved their hides on numerous occasions.  It has also quite often made me choke when taking a drink of water, but what the hay.  All in good fun.  If you can't laugh at life, well, then, I guess you'd cry.  (Cut me a little slack here - it's late and this old brain is really struggling.)

So Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, and I hope the rest of you made sure it was!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quick Take Friday - on Saturday

Subtitle:  A Day Late and a Dollar Short

1.  I took the morning off at the library to bake bread for the local annual Mother's Day Tea and Bake Sale.  Then I slept in.  I will go to the tea and buy another's baking.  Next year I will bake again.  As I've said so many times in the past, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I am going to have one smooth ride, my friends.

2.  My lovely (and now favorite) aunt brought back two bottles of wine for me from their BC wine tour.  Apparently my secret addiction is not so secret...

3. Stephen's formerly non-urgent hernia repair will take place on Tuesday next.  After a whirlwind of phone calls and appointments, he's decided to get it done sooner rather than later.  He's hoping to be well enough to proceed with his plans to participate in a five-week hockey tournament in Australia beginning in early July.  Oh, to be young and naive, as opposed to old and envious (like his mother.)  He'll probably go.

4.  The men have started seeding, although the air drill is currently sitting in the yard for what appears to be minor repairs.  Our new hired man (Adam) hasn't arrived yet, so he is either not needed or had a really good time last night.  I speculate on these matters because, as an experienced farm wife, I know it is wiser to wait until I am told things rather than to ask questions.  Especially when you expect the one who knows the answers to take you to "Riverdance" tonight to take advantage of the wonderful gift bestowed on us by the Midget hockey team.

5.  I had a lovely visit with my brother and sister-in-law and their new addition yesterday.  The little perogie let me inspect and snuggle him to my heart's content (the baby, not my brother).  I love being an auntie!  When he began to protest my attentions, I was able to pass him over to his mother and hastily retreat to my two-hour solo sojourn.  I sometimes really love that drive - listening to music that I like, not having to share the snacks, and no phone (unless I need to check my messages, that is!)  Only a chauffeur would make it better!  But the rough narrow road and gi-normous potholes keep me awake.  Thanks, SK Highways!

6.  Derek has joined the ranks of RIM's BB addicts.  If someone had told me a couple of years ago that my preteen son would possess a smartphone, I would have laughed.  Although that would have been rather stupid since I know his father, who just the other day went out to purchase printer ink and came home with a BB Playbook.  Yes, he remembered the cartridges.  My children have inherited some wonderful traits from their father, along with that tendency to easy distraction and an addiction to gadgets.  Unfortunately their inheritance doesn't include independent personal wealth, so I do foresee some struggles in their lives!

7.  My Calgary brother and his family are enroute to the southern Alberta desert country to spend the Mother's Day weekend with our mom and dad.  I anticipate that he will now be in possession of the coveted "Favorite Child" pedestal, as I, at least, neglected to even send my mother a card.  Drat him and his proximity!  I will have to commence planning for her "special" birthday...

That's it - all blogged out for now.  I sincerely hope that none of you out there await my up-coming posts with bated breath, as I would hate to be responsible for all the fainting.  But thanks for checking in!