Monday, December 18, 2006

Season's Greetings

I'm taking a break from Christmas baking, which I really love, to have a cup of tea and post our recent happenings. We had a quieter weekend than planned due to some bad weather. Two hockey games were canceled on Saturday, Adam's in Leader and Derek's in Biggar, so their mom got some work out of them instead.

Adam's Bantam teamed whipped Wilkie 9 -3 in Kerrobert last Thursday. It was great hockey, as Wilkie always comes looking for some action. They had a weak goalie that night, and ours played the best game I've ever seen him play, which would account for the score. Adam got a beauty goal and an assist.

Stephen's Bantam team won their game against Naicam on Friday night, but Stephen didn't have a great game. He was coming down with the flu, and had passed out at school and hit his head, so he wasn't feeling too peppy. We were trying out the new video camera, but didn't get too much footage of Stephen, as he was mostly sitting on the bench hanging his head!

Clem and I played for the Chamber of Commerce Christmas party on Saturday evening. It went well, and they asked us to bring some CD's to sell, so it was worth the trip in to town in a storm! I missed the Senior game, though, when Luseland beat home team Kerrobert. What a shame!

On Sunday we went to Rosetown with the Kindersley Bantams, where they got soundly spanked, 7 - 1. Stephen played a good game, but Rosetown was hungry, and they were all over Kindersley. It was disappointing for the team, as that is apparently quite the rivalry. Next time! Adam and Derek stayed in town for the day, mostly playing shinny at the rink. When we got to town, Adam was all by himself on the ice, and the rink was abandoned. He was perfecting his low shot. I guess we'll see at the next game!

Better go finish the baking (and wrapping and cleaning and decorating) before the big day arrives. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Two funerals and what seems like about 51 hockey games later, here we are again. It's been a mild weekend, and the sunrises have been beautiful, coming up over Clem's new (and mostly still full!) bins.

Stephen arrived home about 10 o'clock last night from Prince Albert, where his team won the "C" final. They have finally broken their losing streak, thank goodness. It sounds like he had a fun weekend, perhaps more fun that I will ever hear about!

Adam's team went short-handed to Battleford on Saturday, and had to settle for a 7 -5 loss. They were down to eight skaters at one point, so they gave it a good try.

Derek was in hockey heaven this weekend. They hosted a four-team tournament on Saturday, and swept it big time. The scores were embarrassing. Derek got an assist, I think. He tends to do a lot of dipsy-doodling around the ice, practicing his beloved crossovers and such, and sometimes gets behind the play! He has a ball, though. They had another game on Sunday, with another embarrassing score, and Derek played net. We weren't able to be there, but apparently he didn't see a lot of action, so entertained the crowd by skating around the net and swinging the stick in big circles until he got it stuck in the boards. He experienced some mild panic until he got it unstuck!

I spent most of the last week at the church for various practices, services, and funerals. I joked with the choir that we should just bring sleeping bags and camp out. Our local Carol Festival, held yesterday, was a success again. It really is a lovely afternoon of music. Then the Community Choir entertained at the Pioneer Haven Christmas party last night. Tonight is our Candlelight Christmas concert, with three choirs and some individuals performing separately and then together for the grande finale. Clem has been pitching in as sound man, and does a great job. He sang for one of the funerals, as well, and wowed them all again. He is booked in for more now, although I think people should be careful about what they wish for!

Marj continues to manage in her home. I found her cooking a pot of soup on Saturday, and Clem got to taste test it later. He said it was great!

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

PS: You "anonymous" people should leave a name on your comments!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beautiful Snow!

Snow is Great!

How can you possibly have more fun than this??

Sunday, December 03, 2006

December. Already. Somewhere I've lost a month or so. If any of you are coming here during the holidays, please don't inspect the cupboards or the corners!

Well, the hockey didn't go so well this weekend. Stephen's team lost to Warman 4 -1 on Friday night. The Warman team was hungry! Adam went to Lucky Lake to play the Outlook team and lost 3 - 1. I didn't go along because Derek was sick with the stomach flu that has been going through the school. He had a yucky day, and missed his game in town against Biggar. Kerrobert won, though, with some ridiculously high score. Derek didn't get to church this morning, either, but was miraculously better when we got home. My insides are a bit questionable today, as well, but I did manage to get to church to play the piano. I warned the choir just in case I had to do a dash to the washroom!

The weather is milder today, but a cold wind is causing some ground drifting and a windchill. It's nice to be home for the rest of the day. Maybe some Christmas preparation can take place!

Lisa called from Russia and left a message. It was good to hear her voice. I think she is still finding it a bit of a challenge, but I'm hoping that as she gets to know the people there she will find it more agreeable. I'm going to use Dad's handy-dandy calling plan and try to reach her today. Thanks, Dad!

Clem and I took Marj to her doctor's appointment on Friday. She is experiencing some edema again - nothing new for her - and it seems if she doesn't deal with it right away she ends up in the hospital. Her arm is still sore but is healing. She can use her right hand a bit now, which makes life easier for her. I think she was glad to get out of the house for a bit - it's been six weeks since she broke her arm, and has only been out a couple of times for tests at the hospital. She even took us for lunch after her appointment! Thanks, Marj! With this flu going through our house, we didn't go for our usual Sunday brunch at her place. She likes to see everyone at least once a week, although now Chris has been doing most of the cooking for us. So we'll miss the visit and the brunch, but Chris will appreciate the break.

Talk to you all later.