Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is what happens when you're making other plans

OK, the biggest news around here is that it rained!  About 8 tenths of an inch, our second rain of the year.  So considering that, the crops are looking pretty darn good.  They are small, but a good shot of sunshine should bring them along quite nicely now!  

Derek took 2nd place at the division track meet, matching the division record.  He later told me he had to pee really bad, so perhaps he could have taken first or even beat the record had his bladder been more cooperative.  I guess we'll never know!  Here he is in action:

Derek is recovering from the wicked sunburn he got while on his class camping trip.  And yes, he did have a hat and shirt, and yes, I did send sunscreen with him and yes, I did tell him to use it frequently, and yes, the mom that was there did tell him to put sunscreen on or wear a shirt.  But he's ten.   And he's a boy.  'Nuff said.  

Adam turned 17 last week, with unusually little fanfare around here.  He wasn't talking to us at the time, and chose to spend the day with friends.  I felt a little blue, but I knew he would come around eventually (especially when he needed food, clean clothes, or money).  We gave him some space, since he informed us he could handle his own life (well, except for the food, clean clothes, and money part - but I didn't mention that.  Actually, I did.  But let's not get into that right now.)  I spent the day going through pictures and feeling all weepy about how my little boy is all gone.  A mother's perogative, you know.  I feel better now, though, so here are some of the pictures I found.   (He's going to love this...)

He's all growed up and the apron strings are getting pretty darn short!   One down, two to go...

We had a big birthday bash for my dad on the weekend.  I'm not saying how old he is, but he will soon be getting a cheque from the government each month, and not because he's a farmer, either!   The whole fam damily (except my little sister, who is still in Chile, but who will finally be coming back in July!) came to our place for steak supper and chocolate cake, Dad's favorite.  And just so you know, I have to make the chocolate cake, because nobody makes chocolate cake like I do.  I'm not bragging, I'm just stating a fact of Dad's life.  One year Mom and I were both gone on Dad's birthday, so my sister made him a cake.  We called to wish him Happy Birthday, and I asked what kind of cake she made.  He replied, "Uh, I'm not sure".  This was after they had had the cake.  (Sorry sis, but that story always makes me laugh!)  

Anyway, we had a grand time with a great group of people.  Here are a few shots from the day:

Here's the birthday boy with a granddaughter who has awfully familiar facial expressions!

What a little cutie!

We used to say that about her dad, too!

The cutie-patootie was having a ball smelling the lilacs and passing them out to all the aunties and grandmas she could find!

Here are some of the other dads attending the Father's Day birthday celebration!

The aunts came, too!  (Big discussion about the upcoming reunion!!)

Here's Jay meeting his first-cousin-once-removed, the latest addition to the clan!

And in closing, I am going to share a couple of photos that I took and quite like.  Some of the bloggers that I follow take some great photos (that's a shout out to you, Tina!  And Pioneer Woman, but I doubt she's reading this!!), and they have inspired me to try out my camera for more than family gatherings!  Hope you like them!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One month later...

...and I'm sure both of my loyal readers have abandoned me!  I'm terribly sorry for not getting back here to finish telling you about my trip.  Life seems to have hi-jacked my good intentions.  Between issues at the school, track meets, vehicles that leave me stranded on the highway, buying bedding plants, bringing them in the house in case it freezes, taking them back out in the morning, forgetting to bring them in, another trip to buy more to replace the ones that froze, laundry, a backed-up septic system (that was really fun!), more laundry, a "gig" at the beer gardens, and two presentations on Tanzania, it's been even more hectic than usual around here!  Anyway, we are off to the city today to pick up the van, which they say was quite sick but has recuperated nicely.  We also have to drop off the honkin' big Ford F-350 Super Duty crew cab long box pick-up that was the only rental left in the whole city of Saskatoon when the van broke down, and which sucks fuel like there's no tomorrow.  I really hope the van is better...

So stay tuned!  I do plan to finish my African saga!

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