Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I've been naughty

Yes, folks, I know it's hard to believe, but I have not been the good girl that you all know and love.  "Anonymous" left me a couple of comments on one of my previous posts (don't go looking - I've deleted them!), and I...well, I...um....you know....sort of....replied.  There. I admit it.  I replied.  I let some un-named person get under my skin and I retorted.  I had some really good rebuttals - kind of wish I would have left them for a while - but in the end they sounded a bit childish.  And as I grow older, I have realized, usually through experience, that kind of thing will come back and bite you on the butt.  Hard.  And so, while I stooped low for a bit and wrote a few snarky comments (I'm telling you, they were go-oo-ood!), I caught myself and took the higher ground.  

It's not that I don't enjoy a spirited discussion of the issues at hand.  I can certainly hold my own.  And I'm sure you have all realized by now that I don't really pull any punches.  But this certain someone refused to sign his/her comments, and I've decided that "anonymous" comments will forevermore go unacknowledged on this blog. 

So there you go.  Fair warning! 

Thanks for stopping by, though!

PS:  Barley is done, wheat and flax are still tough.  A few more days left!

PPS:  I had a great debate coach, Anonymous!


Tina said...

I admit, I went back through the posts on the blog, not looking for the comments but looking for anything that would spark a heated debate? Your senior moment with the slowcooker?? LOL

As for anonymous, I HATE anonymous comments and normally delete them. I figure if you're not going to own up to comments you make, then you shouldn't make them. :)

Patsy said...

Way down here on the petty low ground, wishing I could get an email of all the snarky childishness... or the childish snarkiness... the whole kit and kaboodle! Based on my recent experiences, I vote for the disgruntled parent of one of the kids who got trounced in Pee Wee hockey.

Anonymous said...

you got me excited with the "i have been naughty" title. Knowing it was your husbands birthday and your anniversary tomorrow I thought.

woo hoo we are going to hear some true avoca happenings--lol.

I am glad you let annonymous have it!! You are totally in the right.

Take care


Patsy said...

^^^ And I got all excited there for a minute, thinking Anonymous was back for another round of public pettiness. Damn. ;)