Saturday, September 11, 2010


My dear, dear aunt and uncle are visiting again.  They live on Vancouver Island, are both over 80, and they "drive East" each and every year.  Sometimes twice.  How great is that???  Plus, they are two of the most interesting people I know.  So I really like it when they visit!

And in my mom's family, when someone visits, we "gather".  And there are many to gather.  It was just a small crew last night, but we had fun.  And we ate.  We always eat.  Lots.

And we talked. And laughed.  And watched kids run and play.  A really nice evening!

Aren't they beautiful people!

Thanks for stopping in!


Tina said...

I was just getting caught up. I SOOO want to visit during harvest season! My trigger finger is just itching to come take some pictures!

Scratchings in the Dirt said...

And I SOOO want you to visit! You made me a little nervous with the trigger finger thing until I read a little farther!!