Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A farewell visit

My dear cousin, Colin, his dear wife, Temple, and their adorable son, Carter, stopped in Kerrobert on their way from Edmonton to Fredericton, New Brunswick, where they are moving. I'm happy for them, as they are very excited, but sad for us that they will be so far away. Although, it is a new travel destination...

They came out for brunch yesterday, and Carter fell in love with the tractors. The child has no fear, and climbed right up, no problem.

Carter looks an awful lot like his dad.

But then so does Colin.

Bye, guys. Have fun! We'll miss you!


Rob Huck said...

Not a bad looking family, save for Colin's awful sweatshirt.

Hopefully, New Brunswickian hospitality will get him into some finer duds.

Chandra said...

I know. I made him take it off to come in the house for brunch. The nerve!

Carmen said...

Awwwh...yes those two do look like their Dad's! I'm looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for the Parnitsky will be another fun weekend trip "home" full of great food and lots of laughs...too bad Colin's trip out East wasn't a bit later. Thanks for sharing your photos and kind words about my brother! Love ya! Carmen xo